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How the Earn It app works

Want to know exactly how the app works? Then here is a breakdown of how to earn creds, unlock the monthly allowance, access content and get rewarded.


The rewards app that helps unlock cash for hitting health goals

Tired of discounts that don’t equate to much? We are too. That’s why with Earn It individuals are rewarded with an actual cash allowance that can be spent on exciting brands.

Here’s how it works

Discover the steps you need to take to go from moving to earning. 

Download Earn It
Easily download Earn It in the app store. Available for iOS and Apple products only.
Create an account
Once the app is downloaded, an account can be created and will link to either an Apple Watch or Apple Health Data Kit – don’t worry we walk you through this.
Enter all the info
This’ll help us make personalised recommendations – and yes, a user’s information will always stay private.
Connect an employer and donors
The user can easily link their employer using a code to see their monthly allowance and start earning. Connect with other available donors to also add an allowance from them.
Start earning creds
The creds clock tracks against four different categories: Move, Wellness, Exercise and Habits. More on how to earn them below.
Cash and splash those creds
At the end of every month, creds unlock the user’s monthly allowance into a cash reward that can be spent in the shop.
Reward and repeat
But the rewards don’t stop there – creds continue clocking up every month meaning there’s rewards to be earned constantly.
Earn creds

How to earn creds

There are loads of really easy ways that creds can be earned – because we think even small daily habits should be celebrated.


Creds can be earned by getting active. From daily steps to flights climbed and distance walked. 


Ready to get a sweat on? With 100s of workout videos to get those exercise creds earned.


From watching nutrition videos to practicing yoga and even learning more about productivity – learn and earn.


From checking into healthy places to logging into the app, small daily habits become a big way to earn creds.

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