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Reward your employees for their hardwork

Earn It is the workplace wellbeing solution offering employee rewards. Create happier and healthier teams that are in it with you for the long haul.  


When you prioritise your employees’ wellbeing, they prioritise you

Earn It goes beyond the typical work perks app – it’s the employee benefit platform that helps you show your teams you care.

Once you’ve onboarded with us, your employees can start reaping the rewards for completing daily wellbeing goals. Not to mention, you’ll only need to pay per engaged user, not your entire company. 

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The staff benefits app that rewards your employees

Here are the features and benefits of the app that enhance your wellbeing strategy for a fitter and healthier workforce.

Cash allowance

Give your employees the ultimate staff incentive with a fixed monthly allowance for meeting daily health and wellness goals.
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Data-driven insights

Access insights around your employees’ activity to deliver more impact.
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Frictionless rollout

Introduce the reward program automatically with easy implementation and frictionless employee signup.
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Cost-effective payment

Instead of bearing the cost of your entire company, you only have to pay for users who’ve engaged with the app.
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Reduced loss

Save the costs you'd normally spend on absenteeism and sick days.
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Inspired employees

By focusing on your employees’ work wellbeing, you’ll also play a role in improving employee motivation.
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How it works

 Simple sign-up process for you and your employees

Here’s the three steps it takes to get onboarded with Earn It and start rewarding your staff.


Dedicate a monthly allowance

Decide how much each employee can receive on a monthly basis from £20 up to £200

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Introduce Earn It to your staff

Roll out the app to your staff and start seeing the signups roll in.

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Sign up to provide employee rewards

For a one-time investment, you can start rewarding your entire company.

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Start rewarding your employees’ success today

Get in touch today to invest in your employees’ wellbeing and your company’s future.