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Reward your customers’ loyalty

Give back to your loyal customers with cash rewards they actually want. Support your customer base in their health & wellbeing goals, and show them you care. 


The app that rewards your customers

By becoming a donor, your company gives access to a world of benefits that go beyond the bottom line. Here's what you can expect:

Engaged customers

Stand out of the crowd with Earn It and engage with your customers in a refreshing way.
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Brand loyalty

Offer a valuable incentive to thank your customers for being with you.
brand loyalty

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Showcase your commitment to wellbeing by supporting your customers’ health goals.
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Monthly allowance

Give your customers the ultimate reward: cash. They can unlock it through hitting their health & wellbeing goals.
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Exclusive partnership

Stand out among the companies your customers can choose from. Differentiate yourself as the one that values their wellbeing.
exclusive partner

Easy onboarding

The app is easy to use for both your customers and for you to get started as a donor.
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Get in touch

Want more information?

If you're interested in becoming a donor company and would like more information on Earn It, just fill in the form and we'll be in touch soon.

How it works

A few simple steps to get you started

Here’s how becoming part of the Earn It health & wellbeing ecosystem works.


Reach out to customers

Introduce the app to your customer base through a strategic communication plan.

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Reward customers

Once customers download the app, they can start completing daily health and wellbeing goals to reap the rewards.

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Sign up to be a donor

All you have to do is get in touch to become a donor and start allocating a monthly allowance per customer.

earn it app on iphone
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Ready to reward your customers for their loyalty?

Make your way to the top of your industry by prioritising the wellbeing of your customers.